In recent years, the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and security is becoming more prominent and important. This comes naturally because of the need to improve security in a more automated way.
One specific domain of security that steadily receives more AI applications is cryptography. There, we already see how AI techniques can improve implementation attacks, attacks on PUFs, hardware Trojan detection, etc. Besides the role that AI already has in cryptography, we believe cryptography for AI to be an emerging and important topic. As we can see an increasing number of attacks on AI systems, one possible research direction could be to investigate which cryptographic techniques can be used to mitigate such threats.

We aim to gather researchers from academia and industry that work on various aspects of cryptography and AI to share their experience and discuss how to strengthen the collaboration. We are especially interested to explore the transferability of techniques among various cryptographic applications and AI protection mechanisms.

Program (TBA)